Student Health

Moses Maimonides student_health(Rambam) once wrote:  “By keeping the body in health and vigor one walks in the ways of Adonai, it is a person’s duty to avoid whatever is harmful to the body and cultivate habits conducive to health and vigor.”
Keeping children healthy is a shared responsibility which we take very seriously.  Rockwern Academy has kept this in mind, as well as the State of Ohio’s laws, while establishing policies regarding immunizations, health screenings, illnesses, emergencies and medication administration.  In order to keep all children safe, the kitchen at Rockwern Academy is food-allergy sensitive.

Our school nurse, Polly Freeman, serves as health provider, health policy advisor, health promoter and educator, and provider of health screenings and referrals. Student health – now and for a lifetime – is a priority at Rockwern.

Click here for Nurse Polly’s welcome letter!

Rockwern Admission Health Forms:

2014 Family Health History form

2014 Emergency Authorization Form

2014 general med admin form

2014 allergy Epi-pen form

2014 asthma form

2014 Child’s Medical Statement & Immunization