Legacy Giving

The future of the Jewish people and our community will be carried on by our children. National studies have identified a day school education as one of the most important factors contributing to a strong Jewish identity for our children and creating leaders within the community.

What makes an endowment unique is its permanence and continuity.  Decades after an endowment is created, the basic fund is still intact, supporting the designated cause.  We are dedicated to growing the Yavneh Endowment Fund in order to insure this vital educational institution.

An endowment promises that the grandchildren of our kindergarteners today will benefit from a vibrant Jewish day school education.  The ultimate goal is to create an important income stream beyond tuition and annual fundraising dollars.

Our legacy donors are visionaries, like you, who believe that:

  • Every Jewish child, regardless of financial circumstances, deserves a Jewish day school education.
  • Rockwern fosters a strong Jewish identity in its students, creating Jewish leaders for generations to come.
  • The Jewish children of Cincinnati deserve a state of the art facility, offering a cutting-edge secular studies program, along with an inspiring Judaic studies education.
  • The community of Rockwern Academy provides invaluable relationships and connections through Jewish Cincinnati, which will help in the future endeavors of our students.
  • Instilling a love for learning and Torah inspires the next generation to make Judaism a central part of their life.

Please join us!