Friends of Rockwern

Friends of Rockwern Campaign (Annual Fund)

The Friends of Rockwern Annual Campaign raises unrestricted dollars to support the mission and operating costs of the school.  Rockwern Academy donors are committed to fulfilling Rockwern’s vision of instilling in our students a passion for life-long learning, a foundation of Jewish values, and a connection to thousands of years of tradition.

Why Give?

Rockwern Academy provides as outstanding academic and Judaic education to all streams of Judaism as the only pluralistic Jewish day school in the tri-state region. Established in 1952 as Yavneh Day School, the school has always been dedicated to rigorous academics, a Jewish values-driven education and a love of Israel.

Generous and consistent support allows Rockwern Academy to maintain the highest quality educational experience possible for our students.

How Much Should We Give?

Every gift to the Friends of Rockwern annual campaign, no matter the amount, is a testament of support and commitment to the sustainability of Rockwern Academy. In the 2013/14 school year over 300 donors supported the school’s annual campaign efforts.

What About Tuition?

Tuition only makes up 55% of the operating budget. Fundraising is therefore a vital source of income for the school.

Are there specific Giving Levels?

Gefen Society

Donors who generously contribute $5000 or more to the Friends of Rockwern Campaign, are recognized as members of the Rockwern Academy Gefen Society.

Gefen (grapes) are one of the seven species (native agricultural products) of Israel. Unlike all other blessings which are literal to the object or moment being blessed, the Kiddush is a blessing on the grapes themselves instead of the wine. This is to remind us of how our ancestors saw in the grape the potential to be transformed into something more, something sweeter. In that same vein, we are reminded of the potential in our children to be similarly transformed.

Gefen Society donors receive special benefits throughout the year.

Pomegranate Society

Donors who generously contribute $1000 – $4999 to the Friends of Rockwern Annual Campaign, are recognized as members of the Rockwern Academy Pomegranate Society.

A pomegranate is associated with the land of Israel, the holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Sukkot and has 613 seeds, representing the 613 mitzvot or commandments in the Torah.

Pomegranate Society donors receive special benefits throughout the year.


Why is There so Much Emphasis on Participation?

In addition to providing financial resources vital to innovative learning at Rockwern,  high rates of participation in annual giving are essential to the Rockwern’s ability to attract gifts and grants from foundations and corporations. In the last 2 years we have had 100% participation rates among both our Board of Trustees and our staff.

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Matching Gifts

Many companies have matching gift programs. Please check with your employer’s Human Resources office to see what programs are available. 


Questions? Please call The Development Office at 513-984-3770.