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Gefen (גפן) Society Gefen_logo

Donors who generously contribute $5000 or more to the Friends of Rockwern Campaign, are recognized as members of the Rockwern Academy Gefen Society.

Gefen (grapes) are one of the seven species (native agricultural products) of Israel. Unlike all other blessings which are literal to the object or moment being blessed, the Kiddush is a blessing on the grapes themselves instead of the wine. This is to remind us of how our ancestors saw in the grape the potential to be transformed into something more, something sweeter. In that same vein, we are reminded of the potential in our children to be similarly transformed.

As a distinguished member of the Gefen Society you are entitled to the following benefits:

  • An insider’s look at Rockwern through our major donor newsletter
  • An invitation to a special major donor cocktail reception
  • Access to community speakers
  • Special mailings throughout the year

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Gefen Society Donor List

(as of 6/26/2017)

Alison and Bret Caller

Janet and Ken Cohen

Miriam and Wilbur Cohen

Cheryl and Edward Dauber

Sara and Dr. Andrew Dauber

Kathy and Robert Dumes

Amy and Benjamin (’95) Fisher

Arna and Robert Fisher

Roberta Fisher

Suzette and Michael Fisher

Allison and Edward Frankel

Rebbie and Norman Frankel

Beth and Louis Guttman

Cynthia and Harold Guttman

Joan and Stephen Guttman

MJ and Brandon (’93) Guttman

Kim and Gary Heiman

Lara and Ronnen Isakov

Shena and Brian Jaffee

Jewish Federation of Cincinnati

The Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati

Patti (’85) and David Levine

Beth and James Miles

Robyn and Steven Miller

Nina and Edward Paul

Miriam and Guy Peri

Ronna and Benjamin Schneider

Carol Ann and Michael Schwartz

Charles Shor

Gayle Warm and Brian Swift

Lynn and Alex Warm

Dawn and John Westheimer

Frida and Jeffrey Zipkin