2017-2018 Summer Reading (Grades 4-6)

Reading consistently year round is one of the most important paths to academic achievement. Research suggests that reading a minimum of four books over summer vacation helps keep skills sharp and prevents “summer slide.” Sometimes it is helpful to think of reading like a sport; you need to keep doing it regularly in order to stay in shape!

Rockwern students coming into 4th, 5th, and 6th grade should read at least two fiction and two nonfiction books over the summer. Each list spans a wide range of reading levels and interests. Please try to choose “just right” books, ones that are neither too easy nor too difficult, and most importantly, choose something that you will enjoy!

There is no writing assignment. When we return to school in August, you will have the opportunity to talk and write about your chosen books.

Have a great summer! See you in August!

2017-18 FICTION for 4th grade                           2017-18 NONFICTION for 4th grade

2017-18 FICTION for 5th & 6th grades                2017-18 NONFICTION for 5th & 6th grades