Pomegranate Society


Pomegranate Society

Donors who generously contribute $1000 – $4999 to the Friends of Rockwern Annual Campaign, are recognized as members of the Rockwern Academy Pomegranate Society.

A pomegranate is associated with the land of Israel, the holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Sukkot and has 613 seeds, representing the 613 mitzvot or commandments in the Torah.

As a member of the Pomegranate Society you are entitled to the following benefits:

  • An insider’s look at Rockwern through our major donor newsletter
  • An invitation to a special major donor cocktail reception
  • Special mailings throughout the year

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Pomegranate Society Donor List

(as of 6/26/2017)

Fannie and Roy Adams Family Endowment

Marcie and Nathan Bachrach

Dr. David (’63) and Cheryl Bernstein

Lisa and Dr. Jonathan Bernstein

Carol and Steve Boymel

Suzi and Robert Brant

Sharon and Jeff Casper

Ariella (’96) and Andrew Cohen

Cindy and David Cohen

Jillian and Joel Dumes

Hayley and Shep Englander

Ingrid and Jeffrey Epstein

Dorey Brandt-Finell and Dr. David Finell

Lindsay and Joshua (’00) Frankel

Vallie and Chris Freeman

Michael Ganson

Robin and Brian Goldberg

Lauren (’95) and Seth (’95) Guttman

Gwen and John Heilbrun

Sally and Marty Hiudt

HSI Security

Sandy Kaltman and John Isidor

Dana Herman and Jason Kalman

Kathy and Fred Kanter

Nora and Gary Kirsh

Barry and Patsy Kohn

Michelle and Chase (’89) Kohn

Jessica and Edward Kuresman

Claire and Matthew Lee

Dr. Robert I Lemlich Fund

Shary and Marc Levitt

Renee and Ernesto Levy

Lot King Realty

Marlene and Howard Mayers

Barbara and Donald Miller

Deborah and Irwin Mortman

Oakleaf Realty and Construction

Amy and Scot Perlman

Susan and Steven (’67) Perlman

Maxine and Sam Potter

Anita and Hank Schneider

Scripps Howard Foundation

Bobbie and Wayne Signer

Sharon and Walter Spiegel

Sherri and Adam Symson

Sydney Warm and David Tasner

Heroldine Ukelson

Richard Weinland

Ophra Weisberg