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Leaving the World a Better Place

With a legacy gift to the school, you may impact thousands of children beyond your lifetime. Rockwern Academy is a proud participant in the Create Your Jewish Legacy program, which is funded by the Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati and seven private families and coordinated through the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati.

Anybody can do it

A planned gift is possible regardless of age or financial circumstances. Your gift may be customized to fit your goals and needs. Our legacy donors believe that:

  • Every Jewish child, regardless of financial circumstances, deserves a Jewish day school education.
  • Rockwern fosters a strong Jewish identity in its students, creating Jewish leaders for generations to come.
  • The Jewish children of Cincinnati deserve a state of the art facility, offering a cutting-edge secular studies program, along with an inspiring Judaic studies education.
  • The community of Rockwern Academy provides invaluable relationships and connections throughout Jewish Cincinnati, which will help in the future endeavors of our students.
  • Instilling a love for learning and Torah inspires the next generation to make Judaism a central part of their life.

It’s easy to do

  • Include a simple bequest in your will

  • Make a designation from your life insurance policy, IRA, or retirement plan

  • Give an outright gift

  • Create a charitable trust

  • Direct a grant from your donor-advised fund or foundation




Create Your Jewish Legacy 2018-19

Fannie and Roy Adams Family Endowment

Marcie and Nathan Bachrach

Andrea ('92) and Steve Baron

Susan Bernstein (z”l) and Howard Ain

Dr. David ('63) and Cheryl Bernstein

Lisa and Dr. Jonathan Bernstein

Miriam and Dr. Leonard Bernstein (z"l)

Marci and Gary Blachman

Chrissie and Josh Blatt

Suzi and Robert Brant

Julie and Barry Brook

Sharon and Jeff Casper

Ariella ('96) and Andrew Cohen

Cindy and David Cohen

Janet and Ken Cohen

Miriam and Wilbur Cohen

Nethanel "Ted" Deutsch

Hayley and Shep Englander

Ingrid and Jeffrey Epstein

Dorey Brandt- Finell and David Finell

Amy and Ben ('95) Fisher

Arna and Robert Fisher

Roberta and Mel (z"l) Fisher

Suzette and Michael Fisher

Allison and Edward Frankel

Lindsay and Joshua ('00) Frankel

Rebbie and Norman Frankel

Vallie and Chris Freeman

Carrie and Ken Goldhoff

Beth and Louis Guttman

Cynthia and Harold Guttman

Lauren ('95) and Seth ('95) Guttman

MJ and Brandon ('93) Guttman

Gwen and John Heilbrun

Joyce (z”l) and Paul Heiman

Kim and Gary Heiman

Idit and Jon Isaacsohn

Lara and Ronnen Isakov

Sandy Kaltman and John Isidor

Tracy and Josh Juran

Kathy and Fred Kanter

Elaine and Andrew Kaplan

Barry and Patsy Kohn

Jessica and Ed Kuresman

Dr. Kim and Candace Kwiatek

Claire and Matthew Lee

Shary and Marc Levitt

Renee and Ernesto Levy

Dr. Robert I. Lemlich (z"l) Fund

Edyth and Carl (z"l) Lindner

Marlene and Howard Mayers

Nancy Mendelson

Robyn and Steven Miller

Carol and Larry Neuman

Nina and Edward Paul

Steven and Julie Pentelnik

Miriam and Guy Peri

Amy and Scot Perlman

The Rockwern Foundation

Renee and Matthew Rosensweet

Julie Jacobson-Ruby and Kenn Ruby

Anna and Craig Sarembock

Ronna and Ben Schneider

Carol Ann and Michael Schwartz

Bobbie and Wayne Signer

Sharon and Walter Spiegel

Gail W. Stern

Gayle Warm and Brian Swift

Lynn and Alex Warm

Ophra Weisberg

Bernice Winkler

Natalie and Scott Wolf

Holly and Josh Wolfson

Sharon and Jacob Yosafat

Alice Zipkin

Frida and Jeffrey Zipkin

Anonymous (X5)