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Give For The Future

Rockwern Academy serves its students and the community by promoting a culture of academic excellence, developing a strong Jewish identity, and actively pursuing Tikkun Olam, helping to repair the world. Ensuring the exceptional education for our growing student body requires ongoing community-wide support. Rockwern Academy depends on your generosity for today's expenses as well as tomorrow's success. We invite you to be our partners, please join us in making a meaningful gift to Rockwern.




Gefen Society Donors

Starting at $5,000

Gefen means “vine” and is a reminder of the seeds we plant at our school as we help our students grow and develop into the learners and community members that they are becoming.  

Pamela and Bernard Barbash

Alison and Bret Caller

Miriam and Wilbur Cohen

Cheryl and Edward Dauber

Sara and Andrew Dauber

Kathy and Robert Dumes

Amy and Benjamin ('95) Fisher

Suzette and Michael Fisher

Ed and Allison Frankel

Rebbie and Norman Frankel

Vallie and Christopher Freeman

Beth and Louis Guttman

Cynthia and Harold Guttman

Joan and Stephen Guttman 

MJ and Brandon Guttman

Lara and Ronnen Isakov

Shena and Brian Jaffee

Michelle and Chase ('89) Kohn

Dr. Robert I Fund Lemlich

Patti ('85) and David Levine

Robyn and Steven Miller

Peerless Educational Fund

Carol Ann and Michael Schwartz

Gayle Warm and Brian Swift

Lynn and Alex Warm

Dawn and John Westheimer

Frida (z"l) and Jeffrey Zipkin 


Pomegranate Society Donors

$1,000 - $5,000

Pomegranates, one of the Seven Species mentioned in the Bible, are a Jewish symbol often associated with love and with Torah; some say pomegranates have 613 seeds, representing the 613 mitzvot (commandments) in the Torah.  

Lisa and Jonathan Bernstein

Dr. David ('63) and Cheryl Bernstein

Carol and Steve Boymel

Suzi and Bob Brant

Sharon and Jeffrey Casper

Ariella ('96) and Andrew Cohen

Cindy and David Cohen

Judy and Tom Diekmeyer

Jane and Drore Eisen

Hayley and Shep Englander

Ingrid and Jeffrey Epstein

Roberta Fisher

Lindsay and Joshua ('00) Frankel

Harriet and William Freedman

Michael Ganson

Robin and Brian Goldberg

Lauren ('95) and Seth ('95) Guttman

Gwen and John Heilbrun

Sally and Martin Hiudt

Sandy Kaltman and John Isidor

Dana Herman and Jason Kalman 

Kathy and Fred Kanter

Nora and Gary Kirsh

Barry and Patsy ('63) Kohn

Jessica and Edward Kuresman

Claire and Matthew Lee

Abbie Brant and Daniel Lipson

Jennifer Grubbs and Michael Loadenthal

Lot King Realty

Marlene and Howard Mayers

Beth and James Miles

Deborah and Irwin Mortman

Oakleaf Realty and Construction

Amy and Scot Perlman

Susan and Steve ('67) Perlman

Maxine and Sam Potter

Scripps Howard Foundation

Michal Raucher and Yoni Shear

Bobbie and Wayne Signer

Sharon and Walter Spiegel

Sherri and Adam Symson

Sydney Warm and David Tasner

Karen Thomashow

Ophra Weisberg

Holly and Joshua Wolfson