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A Life Enriched By The Arts

As a Jewish day school, we understand the importance of self-expression and creativity. Our current and former students’ art is showcased throughout our school, creating a beautiful, lasting legacy. Art is often taught in conjunction with other subjects, reinforcing the impact and scope of arts in our daily lives.

Our music program starts in the ECEC, as children are introduced to different musical instruments, styles and rhythms. The program continues through graduation, as students learn how to read notes and play the keyboard in 4th grade, the recorder in 5th grade, and the ukulele in 6th. The K-8th grade annual art and music shows are a school-wide celebration of the arts!

A deliberate focus on creativity is crucial to Rockwern’s unique, vibrant community, and ensures a lifelong love and appreciation for art in each child.


I am blessed to work in a school where tests do not define us, and students are encouraged to create with words, images, numbers, and music.
— Diana Woloshin, Art Teacher

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