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The Future of Jewish Life & Learning

The future of Jewish life and learning begins at Rockwern. Together with our students’ families, we impart the foundation for a meaningful life informed by Jewish values, Jewish knowledge (of history, texts, culture, and Hebrew language), and a connection to Jewish community. Of course, we do all of this while maintaining the highest standards of excellence in both our Judaic studies and secular studies curricula.

Here, students experience the beauty and traditions of Shabbat and the Jewish holidays. They learn morning prayers, and learn to read from the Torah. As their Hebrew language acquisition progresses, our students’ connections to Israel’s culture and history are strengthened by our unique partnership with Cincinnati’s sister city, Netanya, Israel. Students are able to practice conversational Hebrew with their Israeli counterparts, forming real-world language skills and lasting friendships.

Jewish learning is woven throughout our curriculum, integrated into art, history, science, and literature. By experiencing Jewish history and texts through a multidisciplinary lens, our students come to see how their Judaism informs and enriches diverse aspects of their lives.

At Rockwern, students are enveloped in the rich traditions  of Judaism, while simultaneously empowered to create a Jewish identity that is uniquely theirs.

Rockwern taught me that there is rarely one answer to a question, as demonstrated in the Talmud. This has helped me tremendously in my career as a researcher.
— Billy Bernstein, Class of ‘03 | Mechanical Engineer, National Institute of Standards & Technology

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