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Living Our Values

Visitors to Rockwern Academy find a warm and welcoming climate that is perceptible as soon as you enter the school. Our hallways showcase student art and academic work, and it is easy to see that we value academic excellence, student engagement, community spirit, and cross-curricular collaboration, all within a framework of Jewish life.

On any given day, a visitor to our elementary program might encounter a group of children working collaboratively, using their personal Chromebook, praying in our beautiful Boymel synagogue, reading anywhere and everywhere, or discussing the weather in Hebrew with their teacher. Parents are often in the building, either as visitors, beaming while the child reads Torah for the first time or presents a recent research project, or as volunteers, helping in the classroom or working with our PTO to prepare a special program. Visitors to the Early Childhood Education Center will see everyone from toddlers to Pre-Kindergarten students learning through play, developing early literacy skills, and forming tight-knit bonds with their classmates and teachers. 

Academic excellence in general secular subjects is a fundamental and primary goal at Rockwern. Still, the Judaic Studies Program sets Rockwern apart and is the soul of Rockwern Academy, providing an enriched environment for learning Jewish traditions and holidays as well as Hebrew language and literature. Rockwern respects the religious orientation of students and teachers in the spirit of “K’lal Yisrael,” a sense of Jewish community.

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